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Test Now! However, you are ambitious, and you have taken pride in your past projects. As the May 28 zodiac sign is Gemini, job gratification is usually what drives you and not the pay. For this Gemini, typically, it is not what you make but how you spend it. You are likely to have money saved for a rainy day as well.

Also, you are thrifty individuals, and you will put up a lay-a-way with the quickness. The May 28 horoscope predicts that you have no clue of what it feels like to fail or to be afraid. You love people and enjoy mingling. Read More. In , Saturn would play an important role in directing your love life Gemini Marriage Horoscope : Gemini, for those of you who are waiting or wanting to settle in the marital alliance, is going to be your year as per the Gemini Horoscope predictions Gemini Health Horoscope : The worst nightmare of a Gemini would be to stay stuck at a place for long time. You are always on the go and juggling a dozen tasks at work Login Sign Up.

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Home Gemini 28 january horoscope Here we are once again with SunSigns. Monthly Horoscope! Gemini Today This quality can easily be applied to parenting. Gemini Horoscope Predictions — Astrology King The person lucky enough to have the affection and respect of this Gemini will be fun, resourceful and excited about making love. Just as other factors highlighted the Mercury stationary retrograde degree, the Mercury direct degree is also activated by other astrology. Neptune stays within orb of Achernar until Mat 9, Thankfully, this star has a more positive influence than Scheat.

These individuals accomplish many things. This creates an expansion of the psychic through the subconscious. They are always in communication with the spiritual realm. When asking a question of their spirit guides, the answer comes to them immediately. There is no waiting even though it may be a question from their own ego subconscious, or a question asked by another.

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The answers are given immediately. They can be psychics for the public or it can be used for their own benefit. There can be difficulty with earthbound and mundane matters so that they need someone who can take care of these functions for them. They generally seek out a partner who wants to be needed and who can take care of those earthly necessities for them. It is difficult for them to take care of their own physical needs and they require a partner who is more on the mundane level. Mercury conjunct Neptune enhances your imagination, creativity and empathy.

It will focus your thinking and communications on spiritual topics, mysteries, the occult and secrets. Valuable insights can be gained through meditation, dreaming, and practicing occult fields like astrology and Tarot. You may become involved in some intrigue or secret affair, where it is important to maintain the highest of moral standards to avoid scandal and slander.

Mercury conjunct Neptune can impact your thinking and communications in a negative way through misconception, irrationality, confusion, fear and paranoia. This is more likely up to March 28, and maybe for a few more days until Mercury speed up.

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Though that part may seem so small to hardly make a difference, collectively it adds up. It became reason to do it because it is simple truth to live for in each of ourselves for simple self respect whether anyone else knows or not. The sextile will offer opportunities.

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We can learn and teach, give more. It will be easier; we can relax more and see more clearly. In a way, the worst of that part is over. Stop using that one use plastic. Do it now! Look to see alternatives others are doing. Keep inspiring others by sharing your discoveries, successes. The Great Conjunction!

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Old Father Winter, Saturn, is being cheered up by sassy Jupiter. He brings news of where he has been and we all learn. He breezes in and blows out! You will miss his big smile and all those ideas, perspectives on life and the bigger than life business ideas as well. Instead of one place, do a franchise! Go back to school and become an electronic expert — computers, vehicles. Get into winter sports!

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Set up a research station. How about a bed and breakfast?! Become a ranger in a national park.


After the holidays you will go back to school and change your major, again, LOL! Keep on until you get there! Keep adding those skills — they will ALL be used! They virtually happened together! Mercury crosses the Sun on average 13 times a century. ALL but one of these events were at the same degree, 18! First is that Jan 12 Saturn conjunct Pluto discussed above.

March 21 is The Crown! Next are the two Jupiter conjunctions with Pluto further livening old Pluto up from his secret hiding place. Then there is the Nov 3 Presidential Election followed by the last Jupiter conjunct Pluto 9 days later. What an amazing sequence of events! They will be thought about for years to come. As in , has eight aspects. Mar 31 and May 3. As the years have gone by, Uranus is becoming more Shamanic.

October 23, by Cerena Childress. Singer, songwriter. Pluto, the planet of Scorpio is conjunct her Sun!!! Can you even begin to imagine what it is like to be in her skin?! Be her parent?! Contrarily, Scorpio likes alone and private time to recalibrate because symbolically they put their life on the line most every day.